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My name is Andrew Zaragoza, I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer from Sacramento, CA. Thank you for stopping by. It wasn’t long I was shooting and directing videos for Sticman of Dead Prez and filming motorsports events for fun on the weekends. As more and more interest came in from potential clients regarding still photography, I soon fell in love with telling stories with one frame, versus 24 frames per second. AZstills was born.

I'm currently working with Scott Robert Lim, an internationally known photographer and one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Lim was recently added to the “World’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers”, and has become a crucial part in developing my career. Under the guidance of Scott Robert Lim, I have elevated my photography to new heights I didn’t even know existed. I'm now able to provide some of the best photography that can be had in all of the Sacramento area.

Sometimes my smile will rival that of my subject. Not because they're nervous or feel awkward in front of the camera, it's because I absolutely love what I do. I have the best job in the world. I get to capture memories that will get passed down for generations, I become a part a family during a once in a lifetime moment, I get to make a difference, one frame at a time. Like I said, I have the best job in the world. 

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