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Some days I love being a photographer, other days I REALLY love being a photographer. A huge thank you to the students at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, Ca. I won't torture you guys, I already know why you're here. The link to view your Prom photos is down below. You can't miss it. For those interested in reading  about our experience at COHS Jr Prom 2k16, please keep reading. 

When the inquiry came in about shooting prom, my first thought was "nope", but then I asked questions. My initial reaction was so negative because I thought they wanted me to shoot the couple's photos. You know, "stand here, hold each other, smile, NEXT". Although that can be fun, it's nothing compared to getting out on the dance floor and hanging out with everyone. Like I've said before, I get to hang out with cool people and take photos, two of my favorite things to do. Once I learned the Prom Committee wanted me to walk around and take photos of the party, I emphatically said yes to the job. 

Back in my day, damn 2002 was a while ago, Jr Prom was nothing like this. We weren't as cool as these youngsters. I'm ok with admitting that. My school couldn't hang with this group. The center pieces, the drinks, the horderves, it was really nice, but a multi level venue was probably the coolest thing I'd ever seen. It was seriously taken out of a scene from a big Hollywood teen movie, except no one was wearing a scary ghost mask. Prom took place at the Tsakopoulos Galleria (no idea how to pronounce that) which is the hall connected to the Sacramento Library. I've never been there, but it was beautiful! Parking was easy, just make sure you don't park in the Parking Garage adjacent to the Library. I parked there and my car was locked in because the garage closed at 5pm. It took a solid 45mins to get my car out. That sucked, but it's ok, the rest of the night was GREAT! 

Someone with a really loud voice yelled "Showtime!", the DJ started playing music and the party animals, I mean Students, started filling up the hall. Real quick, shoutout to everyone there. You were all really cool in front of the camera. It's fairly rare to get so many awesome people under one roof like that. Yes, these kids can party, but it took the push of a pair of Chaparones to hit the dance floor to get everyone out there. These two right here, you the real MVP. 

Within seconds, as the kids would say, "the party was lit". Translation, the party was full of energy and everyone was on the dance floor Check out the first group of ladies to venture out under the party lights:

Slowly but surely, more and more groups headed towards the dance floor. This brings up another awesome part of the night. In my head I had imaged everyone dancing, but then I started worrying, what if these kids don't dance? Could you imagine how boring these photos would be? Luckily for us, everyone was getting down. It was so dope, I had so much fun!

You can't have Prom without Royalty. I didn't catch their names, but these are your Jr Prom King and Queen nominees. The couple on the right took the crown home and were officially named Jr Prom King and Queen. 

Once the DJ from Pegleg Entertainment got warmed up, no one in attendance could get off of the dance floor. As made evident in the next photo. Pegleg ENT knows how to rock a party. 

At this point, everyone was getting loose, I couldn't stop firing away. There were so many amazing photos to be taken, my team and I could only hope to capture most of them. I don't work with video any more, but I had to capture a short video for my instagram feed. You can view that by CLICKING HERE

I could post hundreds of my favorites from the night here, but that would be too many for a blog post. If you skipped ahead from the top, we're almost there. I just want to leave you with one more photo before you go. I don't know how else to say this other than when I grow up, I can only hope to be half as savage as this guy. By "savage" I mean Spiderman. I want to be Spiderman. 

Ok ok, this is what you've been looking for. I just want to say my team and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for letting us party with you for a night and thank you all for looking great in front of the camera. We appreciate it so much and we hope to be invited to party with you again soon. My team consisted of Michael Avalosand Horner Elite Athlete Stephanie Ximenez. Click on their names and see what else they're working on. You are more than welcome to hang out here on my site and view my work once you are done viewing your photos. Ok, here is your entire 700+ photo gallery. You can view the photos by CLICKING HERE. Everyone in attendance will receive 25% off prints from this gallery if you want them, if you are not interested in prints, the files are free to download and you are welcome to share them where ever you like. Hashtagging #AZstills is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy your photos.


March 4, 2016

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