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Last weekend I had an awesome opportunity to celebrate and photograph the engagement party of my good friends David and Irene. I’ve been friends with them since way back to The drifting days and I was ecstatic for them to finally be tying the knot. Even happier that I was able to cover some of their big day. Well, we'll call it the Pre-Big Day. It was not their official Wedding Day, but me and a few others couldn't help but treat it like it was. 

David and Irene will make it official in the not so distant future, but the location is where distance becomes a factor. On a recent vacation in Hawaii, David popped the question, she said yes, then they both said the Wedding should be there, in Hawaii. In an attempt to bring some of the memories from Hawaii back to this day, I tried something I've never done before, nor have I ever seen it done. I noticed David's lock screen on his phone was a photo he took of Irene on the beach in Hawaii, probably before he asked her the big question. I wasn't sure if this was going to work, but I am so glad it did. This is one of the coolest ring shots I've ever captured.  

Luckily for us not on the island, they hosted an Engagement party for all of us to celebrate with them here in Elk Grove. This was a cool idea that started as a small party and then quote, "somehow it spiraled into all this". They downplayed the day as much as they could, but I knew this was going to be a special day and I wasn't going to allow them to not have beautiful photos taken.

Hair, check. Make-up, check. Dress... after a little scare, check! The bride to be was all set for her Engagement Party, but I just had to capture a few photos before we left. Luckily for David, and for my camera, Irene was stunning in her dress. This photo came out even more beautiful than I could have imaged. After a few more photos, it was finally time to hit the venue. 

As the guests made their way through the hall, finding their seats, they were presented with speeches from the engaged couple and performances by family members. By this time the devoured food had settled and it was officially time to party.

I had an absolute blast! I got to party, photograph, and hang out with all my old buddies from the motorsports world. To say I'm lucky is an understatement. I basically got to do two things that I love to do, hang out with friends and take photos. What more can a photographer ask for? It was a marvelous night, but the conversation I had after the event is what means the world to me. I sent the couple their gallery first before anyone else got to see it, the reaction I got is 100% why I do this.

I can seriously add this to one of the reasons why Photography Matters. This is the stuff that keep me going. This is the stuff keeps me up at night thinking about photography. This is the stuff that my dreams are made of. This is why photography is the first thing I think about when I wake up. This is why I love photographyI know David and Irene got there memories locked in for life through these photos, but I am the one who received so much more. If you want to view more of the photos from this epic Engagement Party, Click Here to view the gallery.

Thank you guys, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you allowing me to photograph your day.


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