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When I try to explain how much I love photography, I always find myself reaching for words that I just can't grasp. When I look at these photos from this year's Day of Caring, I get an indescribable feeling. There's a common saying when it comes to pictures, but even with a thousand words, I can't explain how much I love these portraits. 

Most Special Event Ever!

I was invited for the third year in a row to participate in The Day of Caring at Lux Salon in Folsom, CA. It is one of the most special events I've ever experienced in my life and I can't thank Lesa Trujillo enough for having me be a part of it again this year. Lesa has built an unforgettable tradition from the ground up. Day of Caring is a full spa day for any nominated guest who is currently battling cancer. They receive a full day of pampering then at the end of it all, I get to take their portraits. To say I'm lucky is an understatement. 

This is Why I Love Photography

It is an amazing feeling meeting everyone and becoming family for a short time. Everyone is all smiles and despite the big elephant in the room, these beautiful souls couldn't care any less about cancer. Even if it is just for an hour, a brief moment, a second, on this day everyone was worry free. Friends and family of each guest was welcome to take photos with them to help remember the day. THIS is what I love. I get to capture these lovely ladies at such and incredible moment. Like I said, even if it was just for one single bright moment during a dark journey, that moment is now captured in time forever. These families will forever get to look back and remember how happy they were on this day. I am so fortunate to have been given the trust to capture such important moments like this. 

Time Machines

If I can get on my soap box for a second here lol, this is why Photography matters. It may be just a snapshot, or in this case a really good portrait in one's life, but photos are Time Machines. I've said it before, they're just the first version of Time Machines. We can use these photos to travel back in time and relive happy moments. I'll get more in depth below. 

Your Photos Are So Important

Look at this beautiful portrait of my friend Serina. Can you imagine if it never happened? She was roughly [THIS] close to not wanting to do solo portraits after we photographed her and her beautiful family. I pleaded and she gave the ok and took this photo. It happens all the time, people avoid getting their photo taken. For the reasons I am talking about here and the millions more I don't have time to list, photos of YOU are IMPORTANT. Especially prints! The photos you take today might be for people you haven't even met yet. What? One day you will pass on your photos and prints to your kids, then they'll do the same, and so on and so forth. Who knows, maybe many generations from now someone will want to look back. What a bummer it would be if there were no photos of you for them to see. Luckily for Serina's great great great great great...Grand kids, they'll have a photo of her =)


On top of everything, I get to meet some amazing people, like my friend Lisa here. She refers to her battle as her "journey", I really like that. We joked around about exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones, showed off our matching smart watches and had a great conversation. I am ecstatic to write that since The Day of Caring, she has had surgery to have her port removed, thus putting an end to her Chemo! Great job Lisa! Believe it or not, you encourage the heck out of me. Some days I'll wake up and stub my toe and want to just curl into a ball and get back in bed, then I'll remember you and everyone else in these photos. I am prepared to run through a wall when I see how strong and powerful you women are.  You all take the cards that you have been dealt and call every one of life's bluffs. You are all my heroes. 

Thank you to everyone who made this year's Day of Caring possible. I can't even imagine all the hard work, all the moving pieces, all of the things that need to fall into place to make this thing work. Each year gets better and better and it is absolutely amazing to be a part of it all. Thank you so much Debbie and Jim Hardacre, owners of Lux Salon, for hosting this and thank you to the businesses nearby for not batting an eye when we take over the parking lot. Thank you to the Firemen who visit and deliver roses to the guests, that's so cool of you guys! Thank you to every single one of the staff that worked so hard to keep this day moving and thank you SO much Lesa Trujillo. I can't put it into words how grateful I am to be able to capture these gorgeous ladies and how thankful I am you chose me to be the photographer on such an important day. You have made such a special event, I am so proud of you! Lastly, thank you to all the guest that let me photograph them. You gave me the chance to do what I love to do and create photos, I can't ever thank you enough for that. You all encourage and inspire me, thank you for being so strong and being a part of Day of Caring 2016!

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Thank you,

Andrew Zaragoza

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