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Follow my friends and I on our journey from Sacramento California to Houston Texas as we capture sites across this great land and photograph a wedding to top it all off. This Blog post will be updated as often as possible while I'm on the road, but little to no reception in most areas and wifi not being heavily available, I may not be able to update often. For now, enjoy the photos that I've captured and I'll do my best to share as often as possible. 

Grand Canyon - Arizona

First stop, The Grand Canyon! What an epic adventure! I wish I could tell you guys everything about this trip, but traveling and this time change is killing me. I thought it was midnight, but it's already 1:00am and I have to wake up at 5:00am! For now, enjoy these amazing photos and I'll check in as soon as I can. Thank you everyone!!



White Sands - New Mexico

This has been the most fun we've had in a long time! I've never experienced this much in my entire life and it's all happening in one week. Four states in four days, this is epic! After the Grand Canyon, our adventure led us to New Mexico. After getting cleared by Boarder Patrol, we played around in the White Sands! It was too bright for us lol, but we still had fun and managed to capture one of my best images of all time (photo above). Heat and hydration have now become a huge part of our trip, but it is not slowing us down at all! Please view the rest of the images from White Sands by clicking HERE!


River Walk - San Antonio, TX

A quick 11 hour stop in San Antonio made for a quick, but fun adventure. We rolled into San Antonio at 2:00am  and the time change has now officially took it's toll. Once we arrived at our hotel room, Stephanie and I ended up finding a late night dinner and went to bed at 4:00am! There's not enough sleep available to get fully caught up, luckily we are now in a city that has Starbucks' at every corner. Caffeine has become our best friend lol. View more photos from the River Walk in San Antonio HERE. Talk to you soon! 


Onnit Academy - Austin TX

While spending roughly eight hours at he River Walk in San Antonio, I started searching on my phone, jokingly typing in "Onnit Academy". I'm from Northern California, I've only spent a short time in Texas so to me, everything in Texas is at least two days apart. Well, as we left San Antonio, I learned Austin was only a short drive away and I could divert our travel plans by only half an hour and I could actually see the Onnit Academy in person. I hate to sound so basic, but this was a dream come true! Ever since it's introduction, I dearly wanted to see what the Academy was like. Hearing multiple podcasters such as Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen and Brenden "Keto Kid" Schaub speak about it, I always dreamed of going. We made the quick detour and I'm so happy to have been able to go. For some this may seem odd, but for Stephanie and I it was like a short tour through Disneyland! We filmed a little bit while we were there for our YouTube Channel as well as photographed some cool shots of the Academy. You can view those pictures HERE

Our trip is nearing it's peak as we set sail to Houston! Check back with you soon!


Houston Texas

We made it! After my horrible navigation skills and what presumably appeared to be me purposely getting on every wrong freeway, we made it! Now me as a photographer, this is when I get to have fun, but also this is going to be my busiest time. Updates will be short and sweet, but I plan on doing a full recap soon. For now, just know that I'm in love with Taco Cabana and I'm still staying as strict as possible on my diet lol. Update you guys as soon as possible!


Wedding Day - Houston, TX

Game Day! Well, Wedding Day! Same thing for us lol. Although I'm now back in California as I type this, this update will be short and sweet as well. I have no other choice than to devote a whole new post specifically for Eusebia and Edward's beautiful wedding. I've experienced so many "first time ever experiences" on this trip and I can't thank my friends Michael & Kali for the unforgettable road trip and of course Eusebia for giving us the opportunity to photograph her wedding as well as this once in a lifetime journey across half of this beautiful country. Big huge thank you to my love Stephanie for riding shotgun with me the entire week and helping me during the wedding day. You are the best!! I'll leave you with some photos I worked on during our flight home here, but just know, there are many many more to come. Talk to you guys soon in another post, thank you so much for following our journey!!


Wedding Day Photos

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