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Let’s get weird and a little too deep for a blog on my photography site. Relationships, yeah let’s go there. This past weekend I was bummed because I was scheduled to shoot an engagement session, but plans changed, life happened and they had to reschedule. No problem it happens, but I love taking photos and I really wanted to get out and shoot! No shoot, weekend ruined. Ok, too dramatic, but I’m trying to get my point across that I was down. My biggest supporter suggested we scout a new location and take photos ourselves. That’s why my assistant/girlfriend gets paid the big bucks, she always pulls me out of a jam.

After the impromptu shoot, I started thinking about how important her support is in my photography career. I can flat out say it, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. Ok, I promise this won’t turn into a big love letter, I do have a point to all of this. We support each other. It wasn’t long ago when she wouldn’t even allow me to take her photo. She was shy and to be honest, I wasn’t a great photographer, but time passed and we both grew. We both were lacking support where we needed it most and found it in each other. I’m now pursuing my photography career, learning from the greatest in the industry, and she is in the Horner Elite, a group of athletes trained by Ashley Horner herself. This is not a bragging session, I’m just pointing out a few highlights that have come from two people supporting each other unconditionally.

I see it all too often, especially when it comes to health and fitness where someone is in a relationship and their significant other just does not support them. Fellas, why wouldn’t you want to be with a hotter girl? Why discourage your mate when she’s trying to look good for you? I just don’t get it. She wants to workout and better herself, be there for her. Don’t get jealous, go train with your lady and get sexy together. I’ve seen and unfortunately experienced life when the support isn’t there. Ladies, men dream and have aspirations that no one will ever understand. He might say the most outlandish ideas that are so insane that he is on the verge of being admitted into an institute, but they are not crazy ideas to him. Instead of discouraging him and telling him to take the road most traveled, let him dream and support the heck out of him. You never know what someone is capable of and how just that slight push might be all they need.

Support: Give it, receive it, benefit from it.

Don’t forget to have your cats spayed or neutered, I’m out.


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