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Prints are available as singles and do not come as “sheets”. You are welcome to order any combination of size prints in any amount you wish. Prints from 4x5 through 16x20 are available to order. Wallet prints are the only size that come in a sheet of 8 (1 Photo = 8 wallet cut outs). Prices are subject to change and are updated periodically.



Cost Per Print







8 Pre-cut Wallets

(1 Photo per Set)








6x6 Photo Book


8x8 Photo Book


10x10 Photo Book


Other Sizes Available.


Digital Copies

We understand it’s the digital age and you want to share you photos with friends and family online, create slideshows and have backups. We offer full resolution digital copies with print rights. It is recommended you order prints through AZstills to ensure sizing and quality, but you are not obligated to do so once print rights have been purchased.

Downloadable Gallery with Print Rights: $135

Digital Copies on a Disc with Print Rights: $200

Digital Copies & Print Rights on a keepsake USB Drive: $300

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